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Thursday 23 March 2017
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How to make Amazing Organic Chicken Breast and Quinoa Salad recipe Bondi Harvest

25 thoughts on “How to make Amazing Organic Chicken Breast and Quinoa Salad recipe Bondi Harvest

  1. BlameBarky

    I know this is an old video, but I still don’t know. What kind of chilies
    are those? Are they Tabasco chilies or are they some other kind like
    Christmas Chilies? thanks in advance, Guy!

  2. GregXXD

    Hey, i saw your video recipe and i decided to try it out. but instead of
    chili i took a regular red pepper, so i did it for my parents and they
    LOVED IT !!! this dish is amazing !! :D

  3. William Chalmers

    made this just before with a few more things in the herb mix – kafir lime
    leaves ginger thai basil and lemon grass, as well as left over herb mix
    chucked in with the quinoa had steamed sweet potato and broccolini in the
    salad as well , was fucking amazing!

  4. Selma .Juul

    So, I made six of these since I’m having family over tonight. Since I’m
    making so many would it be optional to have them in a heatproof dish, fill
    it with water and cook it in the oven? :)

  5. Jieun Hong

    I don’t think it’s very good idea to use a piece of plastic wrap to cook
    your chicken in hot water?? maybe cheese cloth would be better for this
    sort of cooking method?

  6. Bondi Harvest

    Hey Oran Chen thanks mate I appreciate the support.. Suppose Im luck to do
    what I love .. If you have any recipes or questions about food shoot me a
    line on face book yew

  7. Alex Eth

    Hey mate, Might have missed it but how long should you leave the chicken in
    the water for after it has reached simmer and you have turned it off? Going
    to give it a crack i think Cheers


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