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Thursday 23 March 2017
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Healthy Recipes | My Organic Chicken

25 thoughts on “Healthy Recipes | My Organic Chicken

  1. Ariana Botello

    This might be a stupid question but, when you cook with coconut oil does
    the food taste like coconut? I am asking because I dislike the coconut
    smell and taste so I wanted to know before I use it.

  2. AreYOUaSpider

    ps please do more cooking videos, maybe make it a once a week thing? (you
    probably already do lol, I’m new-ish to this channel) it’s just a massive
    help and takes the guess work out of what I can eat without feeling guilty.

  3. Katie !

    All of your recipes have been superb! Carli is one lucky lady to have you
    cooking such healthy and delicious dinners!! IDK if you bake, but you
    should do a healthy dessert of some kind!

  4. Fabíola.F

    Hey Brett! Love your food vídeos and I was wondering, what can we eat for
    dinner… I was trying to eat just soup with no potato but I don’t feel
    satisfied and I normally go back to the kitchen an hour later and eat
    something I shouldn’t 🙁
    Any suggestions? Thanks! 

  5. janet abby

    Hey brett, ive been struggling to loose way and ive seen many people who do
    fitness videos take protein shakes. Are they healthy if they are which ones
    do you recomend? 


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